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We also have Chiron aspects in Synastry chart. My karmic relationship is with a man who is my best friend. I am too attached easily and he was the best boyfriend I ever had. Then the real him showed up. But he wont let go. Such a tortured soul he is my heart bleeds and aches for him. My emotional happiness or his?

I am finally starting to feel like myself again after the traumatic karmic bond I had with my ex Nathan. I have never felt such pain in my life, that man shook me to my core. Talk about a love hate, cognitive dissonance that I had for this man. I tried, and then he would come back, and I couldnt resist. I finally had the courage to completely block him, and he ended up moving. I still think about and feel him, I started to meditate and realized how much energy work I needed to do. As soon as I thought it was over for good, I found myself falling back in love with him, and the feelings were intense.

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Whenever Im with him I feel things differently, think differently and do things differently. I only realised this today after grounding myself to Earth. I do love him and the sex is breathtaking, but everything else is either overwelmingly blissful or extremely distructive. We are back together again for the 4th time. He does love me and I do love him but our view on love is vastly different.

Taurus and Gemini. The roller coaster of the on and off completely sucked. If I never have another relationship like this, it will be too soon. Though I broke it off 3 times and was upset there was no 4th, which is ridiculous the grip it had on me, the invisible pull, was so painful. I am currently letting go of my person, my karmic relationship. It has definitely been a ride. A beautiful ride.

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I was never mistreated, verbally or physically. We just have this connection. This love. And the universe has helped me, and has given me the resources and tools ps to fully understand and let go. But I also have good days, and I can see that this is right. I have the same experience. However struggling with accepting I might always love this person as I really dont want to. Would love to know how you are doing this. Letting go C is very hard.

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Faith describes karmic stuff well. I have a karmic relationship with someone I barely know. A potential lover. Someone who feels like home to me, but who remains just out of reach. I go through a myriad of emotions for this person, fully aware of my tendency to fantasize about this person. At first wanted sex. Then intimate relationship. Then friendship. Mind you this is all my internal process.

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He has no idea. I feel bad about myself like I am not good enough to be with this person. I am unworthy blah blah blah. So much stuff comes up for me to analyze as I reflect off this person. So weird. I def relate to the habitual patterning mentioned in this article. The Habitual self loathing or lack of self love.

It is very uncomfortable, these lessons. Thanks for the article.

It has def shed some light into darkness. If this is our own karmic lesson from a past-life or this current life, and we deal with it graciously then the karma should be resolved. But, my question is does the other person get karmic debt for what they are doing to us? I truly believe that we ourselves asked these souls to help us learn something that we need to learn in this life before we incarnated in our physical bodies.

ymixyxykepis.tk I know I am. But of course it is and it has to be. Maybe in your last life you were in opposite sides of this situation. I have experienced this…And someone who is very special to me.

Is going through this now. It can be a very difficult and sometimes long process. Is very draining, tiring on the soul.

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Once you truly see. That person, for who he or she is. To overcome, it. Out of Chaos. Comes order. We are here to learn and expand our consciousness. Anything else is secondary. I believe I just finished this relationship.

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When you meet this person it feels like their is a soul connection. You will feel it. They will display an odd array of behavior. Behavior that does not mesh with yours. You will love them but not as easy as other relationships. It may be a tug of war between you. One may love the other more. My relationship was messhed with intense feelings from the get go.

A up and down pattern. Wonderful piece. I had a karmic relationship with my second husband. Took me 15 years to figure it out. It taught me a lot. And just like you said , your blinded at first then once you realize you have so much control over your destiny. Exactly what you describe, abuse and All. I rarely comment on posts, but this one felt close to my heart. Thank you. Several times he broke up because he could not handle family pressure they wanted him to marry someone of their origin.

We always got back together mainly at my initiative. He moved back to his family 5 monts ago and at the same time i took a job opportunity somewhere else.

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I cannot let him go. I am convinced it is the same for him. We broke off communication 5 months ago, recently i sent him a blank email and he replied to it asking for news. Is it a karmic relationship? I cannot get out of my head that we are meant to be despite all those obstacles. This post is troubling to me! Usually when someone speaks on a subject this powerful and fails to mention the spiritual aspect it has deceit written all over it.